BT Steams Works

BT Steams Works

BridgeTown Steam Works almost ready to go.

by Steam Works Team on 04/01/15

After almost a month of working on the website and The Sisters De fleur we are close to being ready to promote our site. Josh and I have spent many hours developing the story, characters and illustrations for our graphic novel. Mixed in with our daily work it has been both challenging and rewarding. We have also started developing a game based on the story and characters from The Sisters De Fleur. It is a combination dice and card game. It has been as much fun developing it as it has been to play. Our weekly Wednesday night dinner-meetings have been very productive. We hope to be promoting the site in a week or so.

BridgeTown Steam Works Taking Shape

by Steam Works Team on 03/10/15

by Bill Cochran, BridgeTown Steam Works Taking Shape, March10, 2015

We have been developing a section of our website to be an outlet for our own creative endeavours. We enjoy helping others develop graphics and apparel  for their businesses and organizations but it has always been our desire to produce some of our own products. The site will include links to the Geek and Gamer shirts that we have on Etsy. The Sisters De Fleur, a web comic produced by Bill Cochran, Josh Braun and Renee Cochran, will also be featured. The comic, a steampunk western, will not only run as a series of installments, but also as a documentation of its development into a printed comic book. We hope to produce a series of YouTube videos that will provide examples of our production process. As the site progresses we will look at adding other features. A good amount of this blog may be dedicated to the production of our comic. We are are going to dedicate ourselves to producing a good story with original illustration. This should be fun.